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A customizable robot pet you can hold in your hand!

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 SMAll &Curious

Pixl likes to explore. It avoids obstacles, like your elbow, and edges, like the side of your desk.



Pixl is very smart. You don't need to worry about losing Pixl or charging Pixl. When Pixl gets tired, it will find its way back to the charging bed. 


Pixl will be able to do more things, like walk and drive. We do not want you to have to spend a lot of money on a new version of Pixls, so we will give you different bodies for your Pixl so that it can move in different ways and look different.



Impressions Test #1
Pixl - Good Morning


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Nuzair Nuwais

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Carlos Harry

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Lets talk Robots EBO SE EBO AIR EMO Robot Pixl Misa Moorebot Scout Vector Cozmo 2.0  Consumer Robots

Lets talk Robots EBO SE EBO AIR EMO Robot Pixl Misa Moorebot Scout Vector Cozmo 2.0 Consumer Robots

The small affordable robot market is growing this area of the market is typically in the under $500 range with many robot manufactures launch their robots through Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Sometime with this process these robots are successfully produced. But of course not all do, Anki released Vector in this fashion, I believe the original EBO line up was also done this way too. Now we have this new wave of competition entering the Small affordable Desktop robot market. Vector and Cozmo originally release by Anki but the company ran into financial issues and ended up closing it's doors halting the original game plan for these two wonderful robots. Fast forward to Digital Dream Labs pricking up the intellectual properties and then launching a second Kickstarter Campaign to produce two products Escape Pod, Oscar and to further provide servers and updates to Vector. Fast forward to Vector and Cozmo 2.0 combining tooling of the robots now Cozmo gets his younger brothers looks and both robots are to get easier to access battery compartment. But delays have been recently announced to those that have preordered the robots directly from DDL. (be sure to check out the Vector Play List for more information) EBO SE and AIR is the second upgraded version of the EBO line with the original EBO S and Pro being released in 2019. EBO has taken consumer feedback to motivate their new lineup to bring additional AI feature and to to EBO Air in to a family robot companion this includes not only your pets but your family members also. EBO also has the ability to be your elder check in companion and security drone for when your out of the home. EBO is on in demand on Indiegogo for preorders. If you missed out on the Kickstarter Campaign. Moorebot Scout is trends towards you at home robot security monitor. You can preset a path for Scout to patrol and his AI features can adapt the path of travel to make adjustments if life's little moment gets in his way. The Kickstarter Campaign was successful and the Scout the robot is in the preproduction stages. Mororebot Scout is currently in demand on Indiegogo for preorders. Pixl is a very interesting robotic project that is currently in the development stages and you can follow along the process through their Facebook Group Friends of Pixl. This is a great opportunity to follow from conception to hopefully production. The Idea behind Pixl is a self contained robot not reliant on a WIFI connection (in other word no cloud needed) Modular robot that can be place in different drive systems from a tracked base to a flying drome base all without the need of having your robot be dependent on the cloud severs. Great Idea right? If they can do this is will change how we the consumers will look at the small desktop robot market. Misa from Misa Robotics was a Successful Indiegogo campaign that had it's last update back in February 2021 with the introduction of I-Heart radio to the Misa robot. But since then Misa Robotics has been silent on the advancement of the software and skills for Misa. Misa robot in the area of educational material is Jammed Packed with the Roo Play software to help your youngster achieve greater skills in language, Math, spelling and more. But Misa as a personal assistance still has a bit to go. (be sure to check the Misa Robot playlist) Emo Pet by Living AI, EMO Robot has been release directly from Living AI Website this little guy has had some challenges and he is at the beginning of his adventure but Living AI has release 3 updates since his release. The Update process for the most part is easy but there are a few thing you should know. The small affordable robot market is growing some of these robots may have more specialized features and segmented task that they will perform. But the first key to these robots is the Priceline because of this they are more accessible to more people and this accessibility will allow growth and advancement. Bringing the world of robotics into a more mainstream arena. But just successfully releasing a robot (even though that is an accomplishment in it's own right) is not enough the robot need active advancements to the limits of it's hardware. These updates are the backbone of the small affordable robotics industry, they carve out new pathways and will drive advancement. Personally I want to see all these companies give it their all to drive their robots to it's limits. So the robots we have today will get us to the robots of tomorrow. The Links Vector Cozmo EBO Moorebot Scout Living AI MIsa Pixl Follow Me Instagram @hunsakers_home_hacks Twitter @homehacksbyme

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